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Victory Update #1:
Fair Trade Bill (LD 1815) Signed Into Law, Gets Full Funding

After months of grassroots organizing and lobbying by Maine Fair Trade Campaign members and affiliate organizations, Governor John Baldacci signed the Maine Jobs, Trade and Democracy Act into law on Monday May 10, 2004. The legislation received full funding from the Appropriations Committee.

The legislation creates a 22 member commission which will monitor the impacts of trade agreements on Maine’s economy and democracy. The commission began its work in August 2004. The Citizen Trade Policy Commission hearings are accessible.

This legislative success is a tremendous grassroots victory for the people of Maine. Hundreds of people made phone calls, lobbied their legislators, wrote letters, testified, came to Augusta, and organized in their communities. All of this work made the difference. We could not have passed this legislation and won full funding without everyone’s effort.

We will keep you updated as the commission continues its important work.

If you have any questions about the commission or its work please contact Sarah Bigney , (207) 777-6387.

Victory Update #2:
Maine Tells USTR State Will Study Each New Agreement on a Case-by-Case Basis Before Agreeing to Procurement Rules

Education and awareness-raising by the Maine Fair Trade Campaign paid off as Governor Baldacci on May 18, 2004 amended his previous letter to the U.S. Trade Representative withdrawing authorization to USTR to offer the Maine government procurement market in current trade negotiations. This means that Maine now has the time and space to ensure a democratic process and thorough evaluation of each trade agreement before we decide whether or not to allow our government procurement to be bound by the rules of the agreement.

Read the press release.
Read the Associated Press story.
Read MFTC's analysis of procurement rules in the new trade agreements.

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