Trade Issues

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  • "FAST TRACK" is trade negotiating privilege given to the President by Congress. Also known as "trade promotional authority" it grants the executive branch authority to negotiate international trade agreements, and allows Congress only an expedited "yes" or "no" vote. This consitutional authority ( "The Congress shall have the Power to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations" (Article 1,Section 8)) granted by Congress to the executive branch through "Fast track" is due to expire on June 30, 2007. Fast track also forbids any amendments to trade agreements and limits debate on trade agreements. . We have a once-in-a decade opportunity to make the global economy work for all of us by replacing Fast Track. Learn more about Fast Track

  • GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services) 
    • What is GATS? Why it is important to you? What is GATS:7 minQTmovieand also view/hear Gambling and GATS 9 min QT movie
    • Analysis of recently circulated working draft negotiating text:(GATS/Domestic Regulation) is accessible here through the IATP site or through the :www.forumdemocracy site
    • Analysis of what "objective" means within GATS context available either site.
    • Many state and local officials are concerned that the outcome of the negotiations on domestic regulation might lead to new provisions that would expose our regulations to challenges brought by our trading partners. Three governors have written to Ambassador Schwab expressing these concerns: Governors Spitzer, Rendell and Gregoire.